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    Drywood Termites


    Treatment methods for Drywood Termites:

    Drywood Termite Fumigation

    Local Drywood Termite Treatments

    Drywood Termite Repair Work


    Drywood Termite Identification:

    drywood termite identification

    Drywood termite colonies can contain thousands of termites. They prefer dry wood with low moisture and can be found in wooden studs, furniture, picture frames and other furniture made from timber. Drywood termite treatments can include termite fumigation or local treatments methods depending on the infestation.

    There are three stages of drywood termites - eggs, immatures, and adult termites. 

    Local or fumigation treatments for drywood termites can hel save you thousands of dollars in damage to your home and furnishings. Call today for a free termite inspection so that we can help rid your home of termites. Fumigation for termites generally comes with a two year warranty. Local drywood termite treatment generally comes with a one year warranty.