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    Fumigation Facts:

    Fumigation can be a daunting task. Removing or bagging all your food. Relocating for a few days while your home is being fumigated. We understand this can be a major disruption to you and your familys life. We have compiled as much information below as possible to help you with the fumigation process. 

    For an interactive explanation of all things Fumigation related, click here to be directed to

    Or choose from the same material below in a printable format:

    termite fumigationFAQ About Fumigation

    Fumigation Vs. Orange Oil

    Fumigation - Proven Method Against Termites

    What California Homewoners Need to Know

    Fact Sheet About Vikane

    General Information About Vikane


    Preparation Checklists and Planning:

    Owners/Occupants Preparation Checklist

    Know What Needs to be Bagged

    Fish Aquarium Preparation