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Thorough Termite Inspections in Southern California

Before our termite exterminators will treat your home for these invasive pests, we first need to confirm that there is indeed a termite infestation. In order to determine the most effective termite treatment for your home, a thorough inspection and keen attention to detail allow our technicians to identify the signs of termites.



What to Expect from a Termite Inspection:

  1. Our experienced termite inspector will thoroughly inspect your entire home from baseboards and basements to attics and crawl spaces.
  2. After your termite inspection, if termites are discovered, the inspector will offer the best termite removal options.


Local Treatments

  1. If no termites have been discovered during the inspection, you can enroll in our termite control service and protect your home year-round.

Termite Control Service

We currently offer escrow inspections at a nominal fee!

What Happens after termites have been found?

Generally, you will have two2 options: A localized treatment in areas where termites are found, or a fumigation service to treat the entire home for termites. The inspector will go over which options will work best for your situation. A home-wide infestation or an infestation deep in the home, typically calls for fumigation. Fumigation ensures all termites are eliminated throughout the entire home. Local treatments are also an option when termite activity is limited to one or two localized areas. If these areas are easily accessible and no other termite damage is noted this may be the best option to remove termites from your home.

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Local Treatments

If no termites are found, that’s great news! No Termites Found? Good News! You can protect your home year-round for as little as $225 with our annual termite control program. Contact Termite Patrol to get started!